#TBT: Kid’s Shows Edition

These seemingly ancient TV shows, were hopefully something you used to look forward to watching just as I did.  Here are seven opening theme songs you might have listened to as a kid.

WARNING: You might be surprised at how much you remember from these songs.

Taken from:


The Wiggles: 

-Fav song…..Fruit salad

Lets Have Some Fun!


Lilo and Stitch:

-Lilo and Stitch was my  #1 show as a young kid. I used to have a journal of the expriments, I never got all 625 of them, but




-I can’t remember a whole lot of the Teletubbies, but I do remember the sun was a face of a giggling baby

Over the hills and far away/ Teletubbies come to play



-Was Arthur a mouse? Whatever he was, Arthur’s show had some serious life lessons in them.



Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:

-I don’t think this show was all that popular, but Buzz was my hero, so it always put a smile on my face to see these episodes.

To Infinity and Beyond!


Blues Clues:

-Can we all agree that Blues Clues is the backbone of all crime investigations? Detective agencies could learn a lot from watching Blue.

A Clue! A Clue!


Scooby Doo:

-The two rivals, Scooby and Blue, duel it out for best mystery solver.



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