Choir Sings Hallelujah

The auditorium adorned a few festive decorations to keep the theme of Holidays going. Photo by Kayla Gunn

Filling the auditorium with harmonies, soft vocals and well known songs, MacArthur’s choir entertained an excitable audience; whose coughs and sniffles occasionally joined in with the voices.┬áThe Winter choir concert was Tuesday Dec. 10th, and included performances by PFC’s male and female counterparts: Final Cut and Premier, solos by Priscilla Bonilla, 12, and Marjorie Cartwright, 12, and a duet by Stephanie Greene, 12, and Marisa Allen, 12. Orchestra even joined the choir for their final songs of the night.

“I love how the orchestra played with us,” Cantate member Briana Galindo, 11, said, “That was really cool.”

Overall, the concert was the students and parents opportunity to get their second look at this year’s choir that way they can watch how their style and voices improve and change over the year. They also had the chance to reap some of the benefits that this season brings; enjoying MacArthur’s annual Winter choir concert.

“The Winter Concert is something I look forward to every year because it’s so fun to preform everything,” Final Cut member Christopher Hale, 11, said, “The whole concert went really well and I feel like the audience left happy which is always a great feeling.”

The next event choir is hotsting is the PFC concert, Friday Dec. 13th. It starts at 7p.m. and tickets are $5.

The orchestra took the stage to aid the choir in a few songs. They finished with The Hallelujah chorus, rousing the audience to their feet as per tradition, and inviting choir alumni to even come join them in singing with the orchestra. Photo By Kayla Gunn
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