Snowman DIY Gift

If you’re at a loss as to what to get your friends and family for Christmas a great option is something crafty and homemade. First of all it’s typically cheaper than the trending items, and it gives your gift a personal touch. Materials:

  • Mason Jar (any size)
  • White Paint
  • Black paint
  • Ribbon
  • Black Paper
  • Hot Glue Gun
Step 1: Paint the entire mason jar white( excluding the cap).

First you will paint the entire mason jar
Photo by Maddy Tompkins
Step 2: Then you will use the black paint to make buttons, eyes, and a mouth.
Leave enough room to add the “scarf”

Step 3: Cut a holiday ribbon and super glue around the snowman to create a ‘scarf’.

Hot glue the entire scarf to keep it from falling
Photo by Maddy

Step 4: Cut a strip of black paper(to use as the width of the hat), then cut a circle for the top.Super glue both around the rim of the lid.

Photo by Maddy Tompkins


Now you’re done! You can fill your snowman with simple treats, such a hot chocolate or nail polish and it’s the perfect gift.

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