Black Friday Nightmares

By Calli Fors

Black Friday is a huge annual event in the United States; On this day, many Americans rush to the stores for their cheap deals on items, but every year, there have been injuries caused by the mass crowds.


Because of this, stores should strongly consider arranging new ways to prevent injuries and possible deaths of workers and customers alike during Black Friday sales.


Though it is rare for someone to die during the Black Friday sales, it is still inexcusable for someone to be seriously harmed or killed when trying to control the madness or trying to grab for items on sale. According to, between 2006 and this year there have been 7 deaths and over 50 reported injuries in stores across the nation for Black Friday.


Riots and fights have erupted in these crowds, and unfortunately, parents still bring their young children to the Black Friday sales – Despite the strong chance of violence breaking out.

Stores are being sued for not “handling the crowds better”, even when the real reason for this despicable behavior is from the people who cause the trouble in the first place. Whether to believe these people lack morals or that they weren’t the only cause, should not matter in general. If fights are to break out, police officials will handle the fighters and remove them from the store. But as for trampling a human being down without so much as helping them on their feet again, it is no wonder that other countries are beginning to pity and even mock the downfall of our society.

In order to help control these crowds, stores across the nation should better prepare themselves for the rush. Whether they should not allow people to bring young children into the busy store, or by allowing only one group at a time into the store, regulations and rules should be created strictly for Black Friday. Not only will this benefit the companies being sued, but for everyone who decides to shop on this crazy day. Hopefully, changes that can be made will guarantee the safety of our friends and family.

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