Holiday Dress Up days

Office Aide in the spirit of Wear green Wednesday.
English teacher Mr.Hooper shows off his Grinch shirt made by his wife.
The Counslers showing spirit and wearing their green shirts


Mr.Grinch faces from the History faculty.


Mrs. O’bryant wears her tacky Christmas sweater for the dress up days.
-Photo by Kayla Martin
Brittany Paige wears her tacky sweater for dress up days
-Photo by Kayla Martin.
Mrs.Cox supports dress up week, with her tacky sweater.
-Photo by Kayla Martin
Duck dynasty day
Photo by: Kayla Martin
Colton Whitefield with Dynasty spirit
Photo by: Kayla Martin
Photo by: Kayla Martin
Christmas Socks work by Claudia Pena
Photo by: Kayla Martin
Tacky Socks worn by Megan Howell
Photo by:Kayla Martin
Faculty showing spirit
Photo by: Nico Loera


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