Year in Review 2013

2013 Breakdown

January: 23rd, Algerian hostage crisis ends

Remote gas facility where Algerian troops ended the hostage crisis
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February: 11th, Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation

Pope Benedict XVI
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March: 29th, North Korea say they are entering “state of war” with South

Rally at Kim Il Sung Square in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea
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April: 15th, Boston Marathon bombing

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
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May: 7th, three Ohio women found after ten years of captivity

Charles Ramsey, rescuer of the women
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June: 20th, Miami heat defeat San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA Finals

LeBron James NBA finals MVP 2nd year in a row
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July: 12th, train derailment in paris

Train wreckage
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August: 21st, chemical weapon attacks in Syria

Many dead after chemical weapon attack
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September: 8th, Sebastian Vettel wins Italian Formula One Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel
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October: 1st, partial U.S. government shutdown

Senate building
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November: 27th, Tiger Woods is named PGA Tour’s Player of the Year for the 11th time

Tiger Woods
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December: 5th, Nelson Mandela died at 95

Nelson Mandela
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With 2014 just around the corner, it’s interesting to take a look at 2013 as its last days fade away. May we hope for an exciting 2014!

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