Bye Bye Birdie Review

Photo by: Kailey Rubalcaba

Bye Bye Birdie was a huge success. Naomi Bird, 11, (Kim MacAfee) did an amazing job portraying the lead female role. Christian Parrish, 12, (Hugo) did an amazing job convincing the audience he was a jealous boyfriend after founding out that his girlfriend Kim would get Conrad Birdie’s (Jacob Salas, 12,) last kiss before he is inducted into the army. Jacob did a wonderful job dwelling into his character and making him come alive.

The musical was a very heart warming and entertaining from the moment Kim got pinned by her boyfriend Hugo and all of their friends calling each other and figuring out if Hugo really had the guts to pin Kim or not  all the way to a heart melting romance between another set of terrific actors Angelean McMahon, 12,  (Rosie) and Devon Moreno, 10, (Albert Peterson).

Photo by: Kailey Rubalcaba

Overall, everyone who contributed to this musical did a wonderful job whether it was being in the pit  or on the stage. The directors also did a fantastic job managing the rehearsals and getting all of the students ready for this performance and I have to say it came out superb for a  high school production.




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