Love is in Air.

Best and worst of Valentine’s Day according to students and teachers:

Evelyn Espitia (11) exchanged gifts with her friends.

“Whale you be my Valentine? Dolphinately!” Sara Duncan, 10, said.

“I got my boyfriend a picture collage of us and a French carnation. He’s going to take me out tonight. I don’t know where yet, it’s a surprise,” Angelean McMahon, 12, said.

“Re-gifting stuff from past lovers or exes is the worst,” Nicole Aytes, 11, and Andrea Vigil, 10, said. “Or saying ‘my ex loved this when I gave it to her’. Don’t do it!”

Lena Roha (12) and Brooklyn Carleston (12) showed off their Valentines Day gifts.
Lena Roha (12) and Brooklyn Carleston (12) showed off their Valentines Day gifts.

“The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that are personal to a relationship,” Robert Lopez de Castilla, 12, said.

“Valentine’s Day is overrated. You shouldn’t just pick one day to say you love someone,” Chris Hale, 11, said. “Say it whenever you feel it.”

“Carrot sticks are the worst gift but anything manufactured by Mars or Hershey’s is the best!” Calculus teacher Mr. Curran said.

“I’m giving my friends and boyfriend cards I made them.” -Lynn Nguyen (12)

“Worst Valentine’s Day gift is chocolate covered strawberries with worms in them,” Marisa Parrilla, 12, said. “It’s happened before.”

“My Valentine’s Day wish is Katy Perry,” Jonathan Aragon, 12, said. “But the best thing about Valentine’s Day is All Star Weekend.”

“Ferrero Rocher chocolate is the best,” Erin Alva, 12, said. “I saw this thing on the internet, it said BeyonSAY you love me.”

Ms. Villarreal received flowers from her husband.

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