Lights Out for Stu.Co.

It's lights out for Stu Co photo by Megan Avery
It’s lights out for Stu. Co.
photo by Megan Avery

Stu. Co. is asking all teachers to turn off their lights this Friday in an effort to save energy and spread awareness about energy conservation.

The project was thought up by Meagan Williams, 12, who is head of the energy and environment committee. Williams did the publicizing for the project, mainly the pink flyers in every hallway.

Though the project was approved by administration, it’s hard to tell if the office, let alone the school, will really be dark considering the lack of windows in certain classrooms, leaving kids in pitch black.

“It’s purely recommendation,” president Erica Foran, 12, said. “I’m not too sure if administration is participating, because they haven’t responded to [Stu. Co.] yet.”

How the project will turn out is unknown, but Foran remains optimistic.

“Just by turning one light out, we would save energy,” she said.

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