Awkward Moments For You

The halls of high school is the scene where awkward moments take place. These acts can range from falling down the stairs to sending emails to the wrong teacher. Here are the 10 most awkward moments as picked by students in no particular order.

1. Defying Gravity:

Don’t try defying it, gravity will trip you up every time.

“I tripped going up the stairs,” Bailey Rangel, 11, said.

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Why, hello door. Photo by Stephanie Smith


2. Greeted By The Door:

Nothing is worse than having your game ruined by a door.  Especially when you’re trying your hardest to impress the people around you.

“I got hit by a door while talking to a girl,” David Baeur, 11, said.


3. Name Switch:

Sending an email to the wrong teacher? Awkward. It’s almost as embarrassing as referring to your math teacher as mom.

“I sent an email to my English teacher, [but it] was supposed to be for my journalism teacher,” Duncan Wilkerson,11, said.


4. Fat Chance:

Getting a good grade on a book you didn’t read is one of life’s little pleasures. Getting a grade lower than the slackers in class when you read every word is not.

“I walked up in front of the class and went on a rant about a book I never read and how the plot was a seemingly horrible idea,” Logan Edwards, 10, said. “Turns out that my teacher gave me a 95 and one of my good friends who read the book got a 92.”


5. On My Heel:

Slowed down by a random stranger’s foot on your heel in the hall and having to limp to the corner to fix your once perfect shoe is one of the many horrendous disasters you can face in high school.

“A random guy stepped on the back of my shoe and said ‘I’m sorry I just liked your shoes so much that I wanted to feel the niceness’,” SequoiaRae Kolafa, 11, said.


6. The Poopy Days:

Ruining shoes before you get to school. Fantastic…. Not!

” My freshman year, I had woken up late so I ran out of my house to leave and stepped in dog poop but didn’t notice until third period,” Paulina Fisher, 11, said.


7. Gravity Strikes Again:

Gravity doesn’t like to be ignored, so every once in a while it will knock you down, so you know it’s still around.

“I fell down the stairs,” Elizabeth Hall, 12, said. “My junior year.”


8. Class Clown Blues:

When students expect you to be the class clown even in tense silence.

“It’s always awkward when a teacher and a student get into an argument, and when they’re finished, the class is dead silent,” Mark Mitchell, 12, said. “It’s awkward because people are always expecting me to say something funny to break the silence.”


9. Wrong Class Blues:

Sometimes you’re just so tired that you wander into the wrong classroom.

“I walked into the wrong class one time,” Sterling Liss, 12, said.

Be careful not to trip. Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Be careful not to trip. Photo by Stephanie Smith

10. Gravity Wins:

Stairs don’t trip themselves they trip you and they would like you to remember that or else it might get personal.

“A kid ran into me going down the stairs and I rolled down,” Brandie Goren, 12, said.

So in the end high school just likes to ruine students lives, by creating the most awkward situations for them.



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