UIL District Winner

Photo taken by: Stephanie Smith
Photo taken by: Stephanie Smith

Saturday Mar. 22, students from the NEISD high schools competed in the UIL District competition.  The school placed 2nd overall.

  • Calculator  Applications: 5th place-Tristan pace (11).
  • Current Issues: 4th place-Patrick Gibbens (12) and 6th place-Dominic Dorsa (12).
  • Computer Applications: 1st place-Michelle Navarro (11), 2nd place-Alyssa Parsons (11), and 4th place-Esmeralda Loza (11).
  • Editorial Writing: 2nd place-Jacob Dukes (11).
  • Headline Writing: 5th place-Kayla Gunn (11)
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate: 3rd place-Mitchel Howard (12).
  •  Literary Criticism: 4th Dana Moore (12).
  •  Mathematics: 2nd place-Tristan Pace.
  • Number Sense: 1st place- Tristan Pace, 2nd place Bradley Schott (11), and 4th place-Stephen Buley (12).
  • News Writing: 3rd place-Sarah Morales (12) and 4th place-Jacob Dukes.
  • Poetry Interpretation: 4th place-Diamante Martinez (10) and 5th place-Mara Webster (11).
  • Prose Interpretation: 3rd place-Sophia Pollock Bernard (10).
  • Ready Writing: 3rd place-Brett Skogman (12) and 4th place-Ben Malone (12).
  • Biology: 1st place-Dominic Dorsa.
  • Chemistry: 1st place-Tristan Pace.
  • Science: 5th place-Tristan Pace and 6th place-Dominic Dorsa.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary: 6th place- Grayson Magnuson (12).

One Act performers for advancing in their UIL competition with the play Iphigenia to the next round on April 7, at Brennan high school.


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