#TBT: 9 High School Movies

Prom is Saturday, and that means an Instagram feed flooded with pretty dresses. Soccer is in the playoffs, which means a packed twitter time line hyped on school spirit. High school has never felt more, well, high school-y.  There’s no better way to unwind after this huge week than with a movie marathon based on what you wish your life was like- so here it is. The all-star honor roll of the nine best high school movies of all time.

Watch Netfix on your phone, TV, or tablet. Seriously. Anywhere. This thing is a goldmine. Photo by Sarah Morales
Watch Netfix on your phone, TV, or tablet. Seriously. Anywhere. This thing is a goldmine.
Photo by  Kayla Gunn

9. The Breakfast Club 

John Bender still makes our hearts swoon. And, if we’re being completely honest, we know we could recite the famous tear jerking speech the Brain made in our sleep.  Whether you’re a rebel, a jock, a brain, a basket case or a princess, this movie is a right of passage. Sit on your couch, cry 2 or 12 times, and enjoy the John Hughes masterpiece that is The Breakfast Club. 

8. Clueless

Like, duh. This movie is like, the 90s teen flick of all time. And what better movie to relate to then one based around a 15 year old Beverly Hills princess with a huge house and one goal in mind: to fix up all the problem characters with her wit, charm, and wisdom? Well, literally any other teen movie. Regardless, this modern day Emma is a laugh to watch.

7. Mean Girls

The glory days- when Lohan wasn’t a pile of mess and her acting was prime. Tina Fey directed and wrote it, which it makes it so fetch.  Quote it, live it, love it, watch it.

6. Back To The Future

Marty McFly? More like Marty McDateMe. This 80s flick gone 50s set a fashion icon and is the teen sci fi flick of all time. Grab your board, the keys to the Dolorean, and your cuffed jean jacket to sit back, relax, and get back to the future.

5. Sky High

Probably Disney’s best attempt at a super hero movie. Funny, witty, cute, and just the right amount of ironically awful. It’s not too dramatic, you won’t cry, and the romance scenes won’t make you want to puke as badly as the cute couples posting their prom pics.

4. Pretty in Pink

It’s a prom movie, one that will definitely hype us up for Saturday. With assumedly much more depth than our own prom, it’s the ultimate teen love flick that truly captures the evil nature of wealthy high schoolers in crisp, white clothing in the ultimate love triangle between the cool boy and the best friend.

3. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

We loved it. We loved it before we even saw it. We loved the book and we loved Emma Watson’s comeback since Hermione. Logan Lerman played the perfect cute-but-doesn’t-know-it sweetheart protagonist and the wallflower aspect is so, so relatable. Pop it in as a filler before the waterworks that is The Fault In Our Stars gives us new cuties to cry over.

2. Say Anything 

Go ahead. Hoist that boom box above your head and turn up ”In Your Eyes” outside her window. Or you know, watch John Cusack do it as a teen heart throb in the ultimate display of young love. The post graduation romance will leave you fantasizing of the magic to come this June.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

1986 or 2014, what high school senior didn’t  want to be Ferris Bueller? Curl up on that couch and imagine you’re in 1980s  and in Chicago playing hookey in a red Ferrari alongside your best friend and the love of your life. Do it. Pretend your life is a downtown parade and you’re the star of a hit musical number, and thank Matthew Broderick for the fantasy.


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