PFC Competition Season

Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Photo by: Stephanie Smith

With ICHSA’s (International Championship High School A Cappella) being completed last Friday and Saturday and an unfortunate loss of first by PFC, PFC is not as bummed as most would think about not getting to go to New York. Surprisingly they are more upset about not getting to create an amazing memory with their current group.

“I’m not upset but it was very disappointing because we worked so hard and shared so many memories and for us to get 2nd place it was still fun to share the moment [with my fellow members] and show other people what Mac is made of.” Lucero Marquez, 11, said.

While some students may have already gone to New York and competed in the ICHSA’s for others this is their first year in PFC. Each member is still upset that they didn’t get to share memories from the experience of getting to go to New York and competing in the competition.

“It’s sad, but I’ve been before my sophomore year but I wish I would’ve gone with this group but I know we did our best on that stage.” Stephanie Greene, 12, said.

While PFC was not the only Texas group competing in the Semi Finals there were also many other groups who competed two being from out of state.

“We had to compete against groups from all over Texas and two groups from Colorado” Ana Leal, 11, said.

With ten groups competing  the competition was really difficult.

Although some of the members from PFC are leaving this year the group will still have some work cut in for them so that they can come together and reach for their goal of becoming the ICHSA Champions again.

“We are going to try to not let our differences get to us and even though each year has a different group its the ¬†group that is currently working together that counts because we are going to compete together and we cant let the past get to us” Marquez said.

Even though PFC did not come in first place they gave it their all and received a big honor of being the number one a cappella group.

“We got second place and we are the number one a cappella group in the state of Texas.” Ethan Burrowes, 10, said.

The group has no doubt that they did their best and gave an outstanding performance.

“We kiled it” Leal said. “We gave it our all and left it all on the stage.”

Even if the group did come in second place they still love their performance and believe that even with the slight bumps during the competition they know that all that matters is that they know they gave it their all and showed they can over come mess ups.

“I think that was the best performance we’ve done.” Marquez said. ” Even though most of us kind of messed up but over all we gave it our all and afterwards we cried so it felt like it was the best one.”

With the group singing three different songs there must be a meaning or reason behind each one so that the group is able to connect emotionally to the song or show off the talent of the soloist.

“It’s a combination of finding music that is audience and competition friendly” Caitlyn Griffith, director, said. “As well as music that work with the current ensemble and the current soloist capabilities.”

Every group has to have highlights and even lowlights throughout their competition season.

“The highlights, [were] opening for Arora and being the number one a cappella group in texas.” Leal said. “I wouldn’t have changed the way anything had gone.”

Each group has their own way of showing off their confidence and how they let the news of the place they received get to them but the most important thing is to not let the news wether it be upsetting or good get to them and make them seem either over confident and cocky or like they did their worst.

“The highlights, would be, being confident the entire time, remembering everything we’ve worked towards, and focusing the entire time and becoming a family.” Marquez said. “The lowlights, would be letting it get to us afterwards and beating ourselves up, it didn’t help but we just had to accept it.”

Even those who are leaving have encouraging words for the next PFC group so they can rock out in next years competition.

“Just always try your best and don’t get down when things don’t go your way.” Greene said.

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