Powder Puff Game: So Fancy

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, Powder Puff senior and junior girls battled it out for the win. The seniors dominated the game winning with the final score 34-6.

Durning half time, the Brahmadorkas graced everyone with a snappy dance that had the crowd laughing.

Check out the senior girls team dominating and the Brahmadorkas exercising your barf reflex:

<iframe width=”500″ height=”375″ src=”http://www.schooltube.com/embed_force/e7b0011a59e54f82b6e5/” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” mozallowfullscreen=”mozallowfullscreen” webkitallowfullscreen=”webkitallowfullscreen”></iframe>

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Hello, Im Megan Howell. I am a junior at MacArthur. This is my third year writing for Brahma News. My inspiration comes from taking pictures of my cats, and then acting like I'm the "best photographer in the universe."

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