Godzilla Review

The king of the monsters is back on the big screen where he belongs. But one giant monster wasn’t enough for this movie, as 2 new creatures were created for the lizard to fight. A short, non-spoiler summery of the movie: the plot and human characters don’t matter, because Godzilla and the fight scenes are unbelievably amazing. You will be cheering as Godzilla destroys the other 2 creatures (M.U.T.O.’s as the movie calls them), and everything that gets in the way. Just be prepared to wait for those fight scenes, and to have said fight scenes be teased until the last 20 minutes. But the filler is interesting, thanks to the acting on the humans part.

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Human, to be exact. All hail the king
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Into spoiler territory, Bryan Cranston and his wife are scientists stationed in Asia studying radiation and seismic activity, when an earthquake traps Cranston’s wife in a tunnel full of toxic gas. After her death, he spends his life trying to prove that her death wasn’t a natural disaster. Later, he and his son, played by Aaron Taylor Johnson (the Quicksilver to-be in the upcoming Avengers 2) go back to the nuclear plant where Cranston’s wife died. They get there just in time to see the birth of the first monster, a winged Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism (M.U.T.O.), which inadvertently gets Cranston killed.

REMEMBER MY NAME!!! Picture from
REMEMBER MY NAME!!! *squish*                                        Picture from thewrap.com

The rest of the film follows Cranston’s son as he tries to get back to his family. This is a very character driven movie, with  most of the fight scenes taking place in the background. While this may annoy some fans, it also shows restraint on the director’s part, as this could have easily been a Transformers or Pacific Rim clone. But despite the teasing, every Godzilla roar, every glimpse at the fights, and every reveal of a monster is worth sitting through for the final battle.

Turns out those roars translate to "SUBTLE!!!" Picture from momentumbooks.com
Turns out those roars translate to “SUBTLE!!!”             Picture from momentumbooks.com

If you’re ready for the dissapointment of Bryan Cranston not being the protaginist, but are patient enough to wait for some great monster fighting action, then this is the movie for you. Just don’t expect Godzilla to fight any well known characters anytime soon.

Picture from godzilla2014.blogspot.com
Dear Hollywood,                                 MAKE.THIS.HAPPEN.                                                    Picture from godzilla2014.blogspot.com

Final Rating: 9 out of 10 (Its not Heisenberg vs. Godzilla, but nothing stops this train. Tread lightly and remember his name, because he is the one who knocks. So just remember to apply yourself, and that we are all blowfish. Breakfast).

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