Senior Status Update

Photo by: Ashley Duke

Fun, excitement, freedom and adulthood are all ideals that come to mind when one thinks of senior year. A time when children finally get ready to go off and start their own lives, whether it be at college or just moving away from home and finally facing the real world. Much to many seniors dismay, however, the real world sneaks up on them before they have graduated and left home. They are required to make many heavy, life-changing decisions about their education before their first semester as seniors is even over.

“I worry and think about college all the time,” senior Tyler Wharton said.

One of the biggest stresses associated with college is the process of applying. Applications are very time consuming, and are the deciding factor in whether or not you are going to a school. Students sometimes have to focus on multiple applications at a time.

“I’m applying to four colleges [right now],” senior Paulina Fisher said. “[but] I’m only on my first application.”

Once applications are sent off, students are left wondering where they will be accepted and what path their futures will take. They have more than just collegiate academics on their minds when they are worrying about what is to come.

“It is very stressful because not only am I going to college, but I am going to play a sport [in college],” senior Jamal Monroe said. “Not knowing what school to go to is very difficult and stressful.”

To many seniors, however, the payoff is more than just one of scholarly worth.

“I feel like it is my duty to graduate,” Monroe said. ” [I want to] make my family proud.”

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