Meatless Monday, a beefy situation

An average lunch for an average student. Photo by Jacob Dukes
An average lunch for an average student.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

Several times now a Meatless Monday organization has approached NEISD about making Meatless Monday a part of the school. This is not something NEISD is interested in doing.

The school already does a good job at meeting the students’ needs and preferences.

A day of absolutely no meat will not help with weight or healthier eating outside of school or even in school. If this is about simply not eating meat as opposed to healthy food alternatives, than that seems to be another issue.

For years now NEISD has already been offering a more subtle way of providing meatless options every day. For example, on spaghetti day, the school will offer a meatless spaghetti with marinara sauce to aid those opposed to eating meat.

Some may support Meatless Mondays but the majority will not. An obvious fact but key to the students reaction to the change, this will not only create controversy between students but others may opt to bring their own lunches every monday, decreasing school profits.

It is true you do not have to eat meat at lunch to have a good meal that will get you through your day, but most of the students prefer to eat meat at lunch. Those who do not prefer meat choose something out of the many meatless options.

NEISD and the larger portion of the school stands strong against Meatless Mondays. The decision not to do Meatless Mondays is undoubtedly the overall best decision for the school and the students.


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