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PFC rehearsing in a circle.
Photo by Samantha Madrigal

Faces that often get overlooked are those of PFC (Premiere and Final Cut). Choir directors Mr. Matthew Woodward and Ms. Caitlyn Griffith have added many new faces to the group, including those of senior Gianna Parrilla and sophomore Mateo Calvillo.

For the past few years, Parrilla has been working hard to make it on PFC.  She auditioned for PFC before but only made it to the first round.

“I’ve been working since freshmen year,” Parrilla said. “To finally make it in as a senior [makes me realize] I will get to do this in high school.”

Parrilla isn’t the only new member to PFC. Mateo Calvillo, sophomore was also added to PFC . Having no previous choir experience, Calvillo was shocked he made it in.

“I was surprised.” Cavillo said.”I have never been in choir, so auditioning was kind of a last minute type thing. I just thought maybe I should try it at least, it was just weird.”

It takes a special type of person to join PFC. Not only do they have to be able to sing and read music, they also have to have a great character and personality.

“You have to be the right kind of person to get in, [not just a] good singer.” Mr.Woodward said.”You also have to love to work hard and love to give to others, as much [as you] work for yourself.”

It has only been a few weeks into the school year, and PFC is already getting ready for the National Competition of High School a cappella. This is a very prestigious event, that hundreds of schools all over the country compete just for the chance to get a slot in the final competition in New York.  The first round is at Madison High School on March 7.

“If we get first place, then we get to compete in New York in April.” Mr.Woodward said. “…which [would be cool, since] we haven’t been to New York in three years.”



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