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The M&M Bowl never fails to provide the school with emotion, excitement, and, for one of the schools, bragging rights for the next 365 days.

Last saturday, the football team faced Madison at Blossom in a high paced contest that resulted in a 43-27 win. The team came ready to play on both sides of the ball by forcing, and capitalizing, on 4 Madison turnovers.

The team once again controlled the clock, rushing for 280 yards in the game, this time led by senior running-back Isiah Dennis. This constant theme of “ground ‘n pound” was nicely polished off by 208 yards in the air by junior quarterback Josh Jung.

Principal Peter Martinez has been on the sidelines at every football game this year. With this year’s team playing at a high level, Mr. Martinez has noticed an outpour of school spirit around campus.

“The spirit at MacArthur’s incredible, we’re always excited, and when the team is doing well everybody’s just that much more excited, seeing them score and perform the way they’re performing has just been a great thing,” Mr. Martinez said.

The players have each others backs and play for one another, which has really paid off on the field. The team has multiple playmakers on both sides of the ball, which Mr. Martinez knows is essential to this year’s team.

“I see a lot of unity, a lot of focus,” Mr. Martinez said. “It’s not a team where you have a star, or one or two guys that do it all, it’s a team effort and you see that every week.”

It is not only the players who have showed to be more than capable this year, but the coaches have hit a groove in practice and sewn a connection with the players that is seen through the players discipline and awareness on the field. This is one of the keys that Mr. Martinez attributes to the team’s success.

“[The coaches] are working together and integrating what they’re doing, they have found something that works, and i think they’ve made it function very well for them this year,” Mr. Martinez said.

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