Dance Traditions

Abby Mcbroom performing at the halftime show against Clemans. Photo by India Nikotich
Abby Mcbroom performing at the halftime show against Clemans. Photo by India Nikotich

High kicks, boots and night uniforms are what the Brahmadoras are known for. Traditions in dance have to be earned depending on the technique and the effort the team exerts. The Brahmadoras have many traditions they can earn but the most recent one is the change in their night uniform. The night uniform is what they wear to the football games and perform in. Recently, they went back to a old tradition of having only one sleeve on the uniform.

“We have been working really hard in improving and making us better as a team,” junior Gabby Delany said. “By getting back [to] old traditions, [we feel as a team] like our hard work is finally paying off.”

The Brahmadoras would practice every morning and afternoon, mastering skills and perfecting routines. On top of that they learn new routines every week to perform at football games during halftime. They work together as a team to make any necessary improvements during that week to show their peers how much they have improved since the previous week. Not only do the brahmadoras have practices and other obligations but they have to maintain their grades in order to preform. So being able to earn back that tradition and balance all their other priorities is a major accomplishment for the team.

“We were so happy when we finally earned it back,” Delany said. “It’s such a honor to have [gotten] back such a old tradition and to be the team that reaches their goals.”

At the first game of the season the Brahmadoras got to experience what it felt like too strut the field bringing back the traditions of those before them. This was the first game in years that the girls were able to show off the new uniform to the crowd. Not only were the dancers excited about the change, but the crowd also noticed the change in the uniform. The brahmadoras are really ready for what the future hold for them and what other traditions they can earn.

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