Nerdvana: Alamo City Comic Con

Alamo City Comic Con Welcome Center
Photo by Samantha Madrigal

Whenever I mention Alamo City Comic Con (ACCC), I always wonder if anyone really knows what it is. ACCC is a really cool event that Alamo City Comic Con started as the brain-child of Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente in 2013. It’s an event that happens every year in Sep. at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. When it first started, ACCC brought in over 35,000 attendees during its three-day weekend. Now it’s a place where unique and nerdy people in San Antonio can be themselves without being judged.

ACCC also aims to bring unique celebrities in to meet their fans. Appearances from Anthony Michael Hall from The Breakfast Club, Ilan Mitchell-Smith from Weird Science, Danny Glover from Death at a Funeral, Stan Lee the creator of Marvel, the cast of The Walking Dead, and so many others allow attendees to take advantage of the “mega” comic con experience.

Hundreds of people travel from around Texas, sometimes even around the country, just to come to ACCC. For my family and I, it is a tradition to go to ACCC every year. It started with my little brother only going with my dad. After a year or two later my father finally realized maybe his girls will enjoy it too. And he was right, we loved it. We go every year now with the whole family, even my grandmother, proving ACCC is fun for all ages.
ACCC is not only about celebrities. Artists from all over Texas go to ACCC to sell their artwork. Vendors come to sell posters, shirts, homemade blankets, old toys that normal stores don’t sell anymore, and many other unique things.

In the end, the primary goal of ACCC is to celebrate the artists who provide entertainment to the public via comics, movies, TV, gaming, cosplay, and unique attractions to the city.

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