Fill The Soul: Propaganda Palace

With great records comes great responsibility.
I’m here to talk about this great record store gone pop culture this week.

With a rise in demand for old gaming systems and vintage records, Propaganda Palace is an amazing store.  From a wide variety of records ranging from Led Zeppelin to Barry Manilow, they have it all.

Photo by Cat Hittson
Photo by Cat Hittson

When you first walk in the store, you’ll see an array of festival fliers and concert information, which is pretty cool if you like going to random events. Along with those fliers you’ll be welcomed in with a Mario pinata and tons of original format Nintendo games.

Propaganda Palace was once a shop located at a flea market on Eisenhour, but they left that location about three years ago to move to the place they’re at now. Without knowing it, I had actually bought from their location at the flea market years ago. (I got a Nintendo Entertainment System)

Although there isn’t much available parking in the back, it’s worth it. The store is filled with wonderful things that vintage collectors, like myself, would love to have in the collection. The staff are nice and have an happy, optimistic aura to them. The store is filled with good vibes and smiles. One of the staff members even went to Mac and graduated in the class of 2001.

Propaganda Palace is located on North McCullough Ave and East Ashby, which is very close to The White Rabbit, if you want a general direction.

This shop is a great destination if you’re looking for fairly priced systems and records. The last time I went to the store, I bought a Kansas record for my best friend. The record, by the way, plays beautifully. It’s in excellent condition, contrary to the cover around it. They’re honest about their inventory and I appreciate that they take pride in the quality of their merchandise.

So if you’re looking for a place to buy a gift or just want to do a little shopping for yourself, I recommend Propaganda Palace for all of your vintage gaming and vinyl needs.

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