Preparing for primetime

Photo credit: Judy ** / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Judy ** / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Constant drills, hundreds of shots, and numerous scrimmages make up the preseason for this year’s basketball team. After inevitably saying goodbye to the scoring machine that was Marcus Harris, and the other three starting seniors, the varsity team has added two transfers along with five talented players from last year’s JV, putting them at 12 players on this year’s squad.

Fall-Ball takes place every Sunday which the team uses to polish their chemistry and conditioning, as the season is a mere 34 days away.

Now a junior, Kyle Murphy comes off of a year where he was a heavily used 6th man. As a pure three point specialist, while also being an exceptional ball handler, Kyle will be thrust into a star role for this team. However, he won’t be forced to carry the team. He will have the help of the skilled senior front line comprising of seniors Jamal Monroe, Shawn Hamilton, and Nathan McRunnel.

The team will be tasked with building a trust that can lead them to play to their capabilities. They have already attempted to improve their cohesiveness.

“We try to have team dinners after the fall ball games and we try to talk more on the court,” Murphy said.

Everybody in the program has already spent hours, every day, practicing during their class period and after school. The players know that there are no coaches, crowds, or stakes in practice. However, this does not stop them from pushing themselves, and each other, in their scrimmages.

“We just play as hard as we can,” Murphy said. “That creates an atmosphere of everyone trying to compete and win.”

Depth is not an issue as 8 of the 12 players have prior varsity experience. The team also possesses the ability to stretch the floor no matter what lineup is in the game.

Senior center Jamal Monroe looks to be the Brahmas anchor in the post this year and, as seen in last season’s playoff run, he is capable of dominating down low. Seniors Shawn Hamilton and Nathan McRunnel appear to be lethal stretch-four’s, both having the ability to open up the paint with their shooting.

Taking all this into consideration, the Brahmas have the potential to make some noise in the district, and the city.

“[We should finish] second or higher in district, and make a run in the playoffs.” Murphy said.

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