Lets get original

Over done Halloween Decorations Photo by Daniel Mora
Over done Halloween Decorations
Photo by Daniel Mora

Every year for Halloween we all see the same “frightening” decorations. This year I hope to see more original decorations.

What would be really great is a bunch of homemade “Fright Yards”. I can see it now; creeping up to a house anxiously with evil laughter and spooky music in the background, fog rolls down the yard, darker night with only a slight flicker of a strobe light now and then, all to get a couple pieces of candy and enjoy the spirit of Halloween.

We’ve all seen the spider webs at every other house you walk by. The lone strobe light does nothing the plane jane decorations we see, every, single, year.

How about some originality, lets see it people. Lets get some spook and some fright into our trick or treating this year. I want to be afraid to walk down that street for the candy bar I crave. I’m anxious to see if we’re all up to the challenge.

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