Our Town review

Seth. Photo by: India Nikotich
Seth Guerrero as Dr. Gibbs. Photo by India Nikotich

Our Town is a three-act play that takes place and was written in the late 1930s, based in the small town of Grover’s Corners. While plays usually have props, Our Town was strictly a no-props-play, so all the characters mimed their actions as if they had actual objects. Which in my opinion, was a good move since everyone did an amazing job without them. Although at times it was a bit confusing, because if you payed more attention to their movement rather than both their movement and acting you could get a little lost. Overall, it mainly showed the amazing talents that each actor and actress has and that they don’t need props to make a play good, they just need their confidence and pure talent. Throughout each act, the stage manager, junior Sophia Pollock, and director, Mr. Dean Whitus, informed the audience about the purpose and the whole story line. This added the affect of a more detailed background behind the play to help visualize Grover’s Corners.

This play was really eye opening but sweet all at the same time. Each act was a different part of the story line for example, the first act was about the early stage of life in Grover’s Corners, the second act was about marriage and love, while the third act was about after death. Throughout each act Dr. Gibbs, (senior Seth Guerrero), Mrs. Gibbs (junior Zoe Garner), George Gibbs (junior Ricardo Guzman), and Emily Webb (junior Rachel Rullo) are all the main focus of the play. From Dr. Gibbs and Mrs. Gibbs taking care of their two kids George and Rebecca (junior Illeana Garza) and watching them grow up to young adults, to George and Emily realizing that they care and love each other and getting married, until finally Emily dies during child birth.

Rchel Rullo as Emily Webb. Photo by: India
Rachel Rullo as Emily Webb. Photo by India Nikotich

The last act is set in the cemetery where Emily decides she wants to go back to a happy day when she was alive to remember what it felt like to be alive. So, she decided to go back to her 12th birthday, there, in that final memory, she saw her mom Myrtle Webb (junior Diamante Martinez) prepping for her birthday while her father Charles Webb (senior Lucas Rincon) comes home from a trip to spend the day with her. However, in that scene Emily learns the truth that we as humans live life so fast we don’t even have time to appreciate the little things. That is why I give this play a five out of five stars because it shows the truth behind the old days, to the loving and growing times, to finally the realization that we never know what we’ve had until we’ve lost it. So I applaud every single person who was a part of this wonderful play.

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