Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

The biggest problem in the lives of most teenagers is passing finals, yet in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, teenage Percy faces monsters, godly relatives, and being the son of Poseidon.

I personally love the series and I think that Rick Riordan did a wonderful job writing it. Other students agree.

Valerie Lozano reading the Lightning Thief. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez
Valerie Lozano reading the Lightning Thief. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez

“I like the originality and ingenuity of the plot,” senior Valerie Lozano said. “I love the way the author incorporates ancient mythology into modern life.”

The greatest part about Percy Jackson is the use of mythology.

“I’ve always liked Greek mythology and it feels like you actually get to become apart of the mythology itself,” senior Taylor Beesinger said.

It is fun to read about the epic battles that Percy and his friends go on, and it makes you wonder what it would be like if you were a demigod.

“[If] I was a demigod I would be really excited but a little scared at the same time,” junior Maria Silvaz said.

When the book went to the big screen it didn’t have many followers. Actually, I loved the first movie until I read the books and realized it was very different. However, there were a few individuals who enjoyed the movie through and through.

“I personally liked the movie because if you watch it without reading the book or without comparing everything to the book it’s a really good movie,” Silvaz said.

It’s exciting to learn about different gods and goddesses that you can’t help but want to be a son or daughter of.

“I would want to be Hermes’ daughter because he’s quick and mischievous so it would be fun,” Lozano said.

After reading the series and thoroughly enjoying it, I wanted to tell everyone about the series and encourage them to read.

“I have got my mom, sister, and best friend to read them” sophomore Sophie Ogg said.

Personally, If I ever had the honor to meet Rick Riordan I would ask him why he made the son of Poseidon the main character.

“I’d ask him how he managed to make a series that kept the personalities of myths yet still modernized it,” Sophie said. “Then I tell him thank you for creating such an adventure.”  

Reading this series made me appreciate Greek mythology and want to learn more about it. I recommend that everyone reads this series.

Even cats enjoy the series. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez.
Even cats enjoy the series. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez.


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