Poets haunt blackbox theater

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Senior Matthew Torgerson singing a song from the 1800s. Photo by Cat Hittson

Candy bags and dimmed lights set the mood for a intense and yet light hearted night. Karaoke, spontaneous stand up comedy, along with abrupt poetry and a heart-to-heart talk with the audience, the event was well organized and precise.

While students filed into the black box theater, the Bullseye club members sound checked and prepared for the night.

“I loved it in general,” senior Rachel Gornitz said. “I also liked everyone doing their stories, or singing, or whatever they did. We have some good talent.”

The night was an interesting experience. One of the many halloween-themed performance was by senior Cameron Wilson, who sang a song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“My favorite part about open mic night was that it allowed anybody and everybody to go up and just express themselves in any way that they can, as long as it was appropriate,” senior Nicholas Guerrero said.  “I thought that was pretty cool. Next month I expect Mr. Curran, the calculus teacher, to perform stand up, like he says he will.”

The next open mic night will be held on Nov. 19.

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