There’s a team behind the rank

Senior Kyle Herlich serving.
Photo by India Nikotich

The school tennis team won fourth in the district this season. While anyone can know the score, it’s a different matter when it comes to actually knowing the team and its members.

“[Playing is] gratifying,” junior Ryan Herlich said. “It’s fun to play with my teammates and it’s fun to encourage them and be encouraged by them.”

Herlich has been playing tennis for six years, and he has developed some relationships along the way.

“Everyone on the tennis team is a friend of mine now,” Herlich said.

When the school day finishes and students gather at the bus pick up area, you can often see the tennis team practicing through the blue canvas that covers the fence.

“Everyone [does] some work ,” Herlich said. “And everyone does their fair share of work during every drill that we’re doing.”

Some students struggle to find a place in high school, but for some, tennis is just the right place for them.

“I’ve just always loved the sport and I wanted to do something during high school so it wouldn’t be so boring.” junior Clayton Hernandez said.

Even though many people think of tennis as a team sport, individual competition is still important.

“It’s always fun competition,” Hernandez said.  “I just love how it’s an individual sport.” 

While most students join to be apart of the team, for some students the reasons behind joining are more personal.

“Teamwork is really important and it’s key in team tennis.” Hernandez said. “[The game has] made me stronger and made me want to strive for more.”  

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