A Ninja’s Era

The cover of the first volume of Naruto.  Photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naruto
The cover of the first volume of Naruto.
Photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime in the world, being the third best-selling manga series in history. While ninjas are often portrayed as sneaky and mysterious, defeating their enemies by using their wits, the main character, Naruto Uzumaki is a rambunctious and rebellious child who wears bright clothing and lives by his ‘ninja way’.

The manga series finally finished Nov. 10; running for 15 years before the final chapter was published and ended with 700 chapters that were put into 71 volumes.

“It killed me inside,”sophomore Hailey Dienglewicz said. “The characters I grew up with and loved have all ended now.”

The author, Masashi Kishimoto, revealed that the series would end 5 weeks before the final chapter, leaving fans to anticipate the ending of their beloved story.

“It’s all over now and I’m just sad about it,” Dienglewicz said. “But I’m also happy because it ran it’s course.”

However, even though many people liked the ending, others were disappointed.

“It was just too short,” junior Kevin Guerra said.

Some fans went as far as harassing the author and creating a facebook page with death threats.

“Sending an author death threats is no way to go,” Dienglewicz said. “He spent time and effort doing this for his fans and now that’s all that matters.”

While Naruto’s story ended, the Naruto universe has not yet died, and will be continued in a new project that will be released after Spring 2015.

“I’m excited but I just hope it doesn’t branch off talking about the new era,” Guerra said. “I kind of want to go back to the old characters.”

While the manga publications are finished, the anime has yet to conclude, and the final movie will come out on Dec. 6, 2014.

“We’ve gone so far and I don’t want to just cut it off already.” Guerra said.

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