Winter weather wear

Living in Texas, students sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to do with themselves, clothes wise, when the temperature drops. No one wants to look out of date when dressing for this cooler weather, but most just do not know what is “in” at the moment.

Senior Danielle Curd is flaunting off her awesome sweater and boots.

The first thing female students need to have in their closets are a pair of boots. These versatile shoes can be worn to make a tshirt and jeans look classy, or finish off the look of a dressy sweater and pants. Here we can see senior Danielle Curd rocking some knee high boots to finish off her comfy sweater look. Its stylish, and simple.

What some students may not realize, is that you do not need a deep wallet to afford nice clothes for the cold months. Thrift stores have great deals on amazing clothes all the time, you just have to be willing to look sometimes. Curd got the sweet sweater she is rocking at a thrift store, so it is not important where you find these pieces, as long as you go looking.

Senior Brittany Solombrino rocking her winter wear. Photo by: Ashley Duke
Senior Brittany Solombrino rocking her winter wear. Photo by: Ashley Duke

This stylish student, senior Brittany Solombrio, is rocking an outfit that is very cute for the winter season. Her jacket is sensible and performs an important purpose for the cold, keeping her toasty in the below normal temperatures. A nice coat is very important to every wardrobe, male or female. If it can be dressed up or down, there is no limitations to what can be done with it. She tops off this nice coat with a cute scarf in an interesting pattern. Scarfs are always in, no matter what season, so having at least three or four good ones available to you allows you to accessorize any outfit.

Here we see Coach Pompa sporting a nice casual look. Photo by: Ashley Duke
Here we see Coach Pompa sporting a nice casual look. Photo by: Ashley Duke

However not just students know how to dress to impress on this campus. Above we see softball and cross country coach Pompa showing off her fashion sense in this trendy flannel and boot combo. This is another example of why a good pair of boots can really complete any outfit. Coach is really rocking the flannel, which is huge this winter season. A good flannel shirt can be dressed up like we see here, or just worn with leggings to be more comfortable. As a buyer, you really can not go wrong with flannel. Even for people who wear t-shirts everyday, throwing a flannel shirt over your everyday shirt can make it look like you put extra effort into your laid back look.

Hopefully the message received from this is simple. Individual items like a good pair of boots, a coat, or a shirt, can make a whole wardrobe. They offer variety and can really spice up students everyday look in this cooler weather.

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