Musical madness

Pirouettes, high kicks and formal dancing flew around the drama department’s musical rehearsal last Wednesday.

The team of actors will be setting the stage for two performances in Jan. and Feb. of 2015.

“Right now, we are putting on two shows, one in the black box, [which is] called JB,” junior Sophie Pollock said. “[It] is the retelling of the story of Jobe, so it’s a tragedy.”

JB will be performing Jan. 13 in the Black Box Theater.  This will not be the only opportunity to see the theater students in action in the new year, however.

“We are also putting on a musical. So it’s a combination of our theater and choir, so pretty much everyone,” Pollock said. “That’s going to be the Music Man so that is not a tragedy, it’s a comedy.”

This performance will have the time and effort of many students and faculty.

“I think the show is going to be wonderful. Mac has wonderful facilities and amazing students. There is so much to love here,” theatre teacher Margaret Tonra said. “This is a really needy show and has so much to get into, so everyday there is something to do. I love it.”

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