Polar plunge

Right before the Polar Plunge Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz

This past weekend Young life joined many schools in a camp called “Polar Bear” in Leaky, Tx. Young life is an American¬†evangelical Christian ministry based in Colorado Springs, but runs through Texas in the NEISD Districts in San Antonio.

Mac group picture at the end of the camp Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz

A group of several juniors and seniors had a weekend full of the great weather, good music, and great sermons. Many cabins filled at the camp site there were, the senior and junior ladies gathered in a cabin of 21. Next door the few sophomores and freshman set up bunk.

Right before the color run Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz

Starting the chilly Saturday morning everyone got up put on a few layers and headed out when the breakfast bell rang. After, everyone joined hands under the pavilion for a sing-a-long with the many volunteers whom make the camp an incredible experience.

Junior girls and K’Lynn (YL leader) share a photo that Saturday morning Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz

Throughout the time we were at camp there was cabin time in which you and your bunk mates had an hour of bible study with your YL leader. During this we got our messy clothes on, in which we were determined to get even more messy with a color run, there were boxes filled with many baggies of colored powder thrown into the air. Everyone got dirty, with green and purple powder clinging to their clothes. The question was: “How was all of this going to come off?”¬†In a split second we all ran to the river bank, and on 3 we all plunged into the chilly water, trying to breathe as we climbed onto the bank escaping from the freezing water.

Cynthia Gonzales, and Megan Howell,11 share a picture together at the christmas dinner Saturday night. Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz

Polar Bear was a great experience for each and everyone and many are more then excited to join the Young life camp next December.

Saturday morning breakfast at the Brahma table. Photo by: Lyndsie Schwartz
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