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Students read many different books for school. When reading students can be informed, entertained, and travel to another world. In reading, some are inspired into writing their own book.

Some students would write about sending others into another world, to be away from reality just for a few chapters.

 “My book would be about a world that I would want to live in,” senior Karina Ayda said. “I want my readers to feel like they’re somewhere else.”

Others would write a novel about emotional struggles such as love, hurt, danger and happiness.

“I love novels, so I guess I would write a novel about some romance that is doomed but finds a way to be successful,” freshmen Rozlynn Oritz said.

There are many who would rather write about personal experiences and their own lives.

“I would write an [autobiography] about my high school life and everyone I’ve ever talked to,” sophomore Mauro Medrano said. “It would be called ‘High School Through My Eyes’.”

Students who have a spooky side to them would write a scary book and send chills down their readers’ backs.

“Stephen King is my favorite author,” sophomore  Alyssa Oritz said. “My inspiration [is] to write a chilling book.”

Everyone would write a different story, reflecting the unique nature of each student.

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