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Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Photo by: Stephanie Smith


Teenagers in todays society all claim that they can’t live life without their cell phones or any other type of technology, but what they may not see is the negative affects this obsessive use has on their lives.

” I’m constantly having to remind [students to] get off the phone and on a daily day to day bases,”English teacher Kelly Williams, said.”Their grades are probably 10 to 15 lower than the average in my classrooms.”

Some faculty members see the use technology in the classroom as a positive move forward, if used correctly. 

“I don’t believe its bad during school hours if it is being used appropriately, the issue [is when the cellphone takes] away from the learning that is supposed to be going on in the classroom. If thats the case, then thats [obviously] an improper use of technology,” assistant principal Daniel Moczygemba said. “If its enhancing the learning that is going on in the classroom, then no thats not an inappropriate use of technology.”

Although the main problem with technology is the fact that everyone believes they need to be on their phones all the time.

“During the school hours people are so attached to their phones; they’re texting their friends, they’re [texting] people, they’re instagraming, they’re taking pictures, they’re not focused on whats going on in the classroom, they’re not doing their work, they’re too busy hiding [their phones],” Williams, said. “They need to lift their heads up, straighten their necks and start paying attention in the class.”

Some wonder though if the faculty on campus have the same problem separating themselves from technology if they were a teen in todays time.

“I most probably would [be on my phone], I like technology as it is, even though I’m old enough that I [had to learn] without [it]. I have loved technology, even from those first cellphones, when there would be no need for a land line and it would just enhance communication,” Moczygemba said. “The beauty of what cellphones can do today is they’re mini computers, there is a periodic table app, theres a physic app, theres all kinds of apps out there that actually enhance learning and not take away from [it]. The key in working with students is finding that balance of the appropriate use as compared with the social media use. In that aspect if we can educate our kids to use it for the positive potential that is out there, then [technology] is fantastic and I think that is what we need to be working toward. I don’t believe its a situation where we should never use a cellphone in a classroom. Some of our teachers I know do allow their students to use cellphones in the class, for academic purposes, they’re a great research tool you have a computer right there in your hand you can research any topic and you’ve got it right their you don’t need the school to provide you a computer you have one.”

There is the potential out there for a more flexible policy, even more so than students have now. The actions of the students, however, determine how much technology will be allowed in the classrooms. Responsible use is the key in situations such as these.

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