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Meg Diamond finishing a lap at the Palo Alto swim meet. Photo by: Joseph Hightower
Megan Diamond finishing a lap at the Palo Alto swim meet.
Photo by: Joseph Hightower

When students think of high school sports, football or soccer are the first to come to mind. Other sports often get overlooked. The swim team is making it hard to forget about them, however, with their performance at their latest meet Dec. 6th. Multiple records were broken by many of the team members.

“[The meet went] spectacular,”¬†senior Audrey Hankins said.¬†“All our swimmers made best times. Both days were long, but by the time Saturday finals rolled around, everyone gave it their best for the meet.”

Pushing to finish each lap takes dedication and work. Each swimmer has their own motivation to keep moving.

“The only thing that goes through my head is getting to the finish as fast as I can,” junior Kyle Benson said. “There is [not] much time to think about anything else.”

The outcome of this meet has made many look forward to the rest of the season, and team members are very optimistic for the rest of the season.

“I’m feeling pretty good about the season,” Benson said. ” I’m already doing better than I was at the peak [of] last year. I still need to work hard to get to where I [want to] be.”

To achieve these goals, the team will be putting in a lot of time and effort over the next few weeks.

“Coming up we have our holiday training,” senior Craig Adams said. “We practice throughout the break and swim up to 5 miles to help us prepare for our championship season in Febuary.”

The season ahead looks bright for the team, even with the challenges they have to over come along the way.

“We have a huge underclassmen presence on the team,” Adams said. “[This is] good because there’s a lot of potential that we can see. We are just going to have to build on that [potential with] lots of practice and work.”

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