Confidence at its highest

Mac Idol auditions. Photo by: Amparo
Mac Idol auditions. Photo by: Amparo Gil.

It’s that time of year again, when students can unleash their inner superstar at Mac Idol auditions. These auditions let students have fun and express themselves in song, sign language, as well as many other outlets.

Some students audition twice. One being a solo audition, and the other being a group or partner audition.

“No, [it wasn’t difficult to learn two songs],” senior Leah Blakley, said. “I already knew the sign language one, because I signed it for a class assignment and then the other song [Dallas Hart and] I already sang it last year for pop show, so I was already prepared, all it [really] needed was some tweaking.”

Others go in for a chance to express a secret passion for singing or playing an instrument.

“I wanted to try something different [instead of playing the violin]. I’ve always wanted to sing and be a performer, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to start,” senior Shannon Douglas said. “I guess you could say [I have a secret passion for singing].”

There are those that go in and audition as a solo artist with little nerves due to the confidence they have from previous experience.

“I’m nervous because [the audition is] individual, and my first audition [was with a group]. I’m excited to see what the competition has [to offer],” senior Lucero Marquez said. “I don’t mind if I lose, but if I win it would mean a lot to me.”

The chance to express oneself and perform in front of others are just two of the many things Mac Idol offers students.

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