Bob-tastic new trend

With 2015 still getting its footing, the New Year means resolutions, new starts, and new trends. Amongst other upcoming spring styles, short hair is becoming popular within the female population at Mac as more girls are trading their long flowing locks for a bolder bob.

While such a big chop may be intimidating to some, the healthy and attractive appeal of having a new do can be hard to pass up.

Bianca Gonzales Photo by Hallie Colbert

“I thought it was time for something new,” senior Bianca Gonzales said. “It’s a very cute and trendy haircut, and I feel like it almost makes me a new person. Also, the fact that my hair is healthier now is a plus!”

Along with getting a new start by ridding their heads of damaged and split ends, some girls are more attracted to the originality of having a different look and the convenient lifestyle that comes with having less hair.

Bonny Chu Photo by Hallie Colbert

“With so many people with long hair, I thought it would be fun to change things up, so I just chopped it all off,” senior Bonny Chu said. “I like how short hair is so hassle free. I have fewer tangles and I don’t have to put in as much effort like when I curl or wash it.” 

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