Singing for it all

Photo by: Cassandra Chapa
Chris Hale singing at the Christmas concert with his fellow choir members.        Photo by: Cassandra Chapa


Everyone wants to leave high school with a bang, something so memorable that they can look back for years to come and recall what it felt like. For some, this bang is something as simple as just graduating with their friends, while others strive for more.

Senior Chris Hale has been working hard for four years in hopes of making it to the All-State choir, and his efforts are paying off. He has made it to the third and final round of competition, before those lucky few are chosen to be a part of this prestigious group.

“This is actually my first time making it this far,” Hale said. ” I’ve never made it out of the first round [before].”

Being that this is his last year to get this opportunity, Hale is feeling overwhelming amounts of pressure.

“Its really nerve wracking knowing that this is my last shot,” Hale said. “But my goal is just [to] go in there and make good music for the judges.”

This positive outlook is not the only thing that is motivating Hale to keep his head up and not focus on nerves.

“My family, friends, and basically all [of] Mac Choir are excited for me,” Hale said. “I’ve received so many ‘good lucks’ and [we’re] so proud of you’s.”

This achievement did not come as a stroke of luck, however. It has taken time on Hale’s part to focus on practicing when there is so many other things going on in his life.

“I practice whenever I have a chance,” Hale said. “Being a member of four choirs and having AP classes, [on top of] having a job makes [practicing] hard. I do what I can and try to schedule voice lessons where I can.”

All this preparation will come into play at Hale’s final competition performance this Sat. Jan. 10, where he will hope to land one of the four available spots in either the mixed choir, or the all male choir.

“When I perform, I try to let go of worrying about messing up and focus more on making the audience enjoy what I offer,” Hale said. “I have to trust in the work I’ve put into the music and myself as a musician to deliver a good performance.”

No matter the outcome of this competition, music is in the future Hale has planned for himself.

“In the future I want to attend Wartburg College where I want to pursue a double major in Music Therapy and Music Education,” Hale said. “I’d like to teach and [would] also like to help special [needs] children [through] music.”

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