New year, new start

The New Year is finally here. Many students want to start new, and be more organized with their school work. Some students do not know how to be organized, so they end up losing things including assignments, pens, and pencils. This steps will show you several ways to keep all of your supplies, and habits in order.

1. Get new supplies:

Don’t get cheap products that you know you didn’t use last semester.  For example, get glossy plastic folders instead of the paper ones. They may cost a little more but it will be wroth the extra money.

New folders sorted by color. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

2. Folders:

Folders are a very important part of staying organized. I use the glossy folders because they can last me for a long time.

Get one folder for each subject each a different color. Divide each folder into sections using dividers. Section one for class work, section two for homework, section three for competed work, and section four for finished test.

New notebooks also sorted by color. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

3. Notebooks:

Taking notes is a very important part of school. There are various tricks you can use to keep your notes organized. For instance, buy one notebook for each subject that has the same color as each of your binders. Also, title each section of notes and put a date next to it.

Planners are avery helpful for being organized. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

4. Planner:

Use a planner so you can keep track of your homework assignments, test dates, sports activities, and family events so you don’t forget anything. I recommend a large planner, because small planners are too small for you to write in it. A large one would be easier for you to write your plans in. Then, actually use the planner.

Writing in your planner makes sure you have all your priorities organized.     Photo by Samantha Madrigal

5. Don’t do work too late:

Don’t do your classwork or homework assignments late. Get them done the day or the day after you get the assignment, so you can be ahead an finish early, giving you more time to do what you like.

Turn in all of your work on time. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

6. Taking notes:

It is easy to loose focus in class, circle, highlight, and/or underline key terms to be able to refer back to them easily. Write clearly enough so that you understand your own notes.

Notes give you something to refer back to later when you study. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

7. Study:

Study alone, unless you have some friends that really want to study. Sometimes groups tend to get off track when you are surrounded by your friends. Save hanging out with your friends for after you take your test.

Studying alone gives you more focus. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

8. Get lots of rest:

You might be tempted to pull an all-nighter, but if you do, you’ll only be hurting your chances of passing your test. Get a full 8 hours of sleep so your brain is in good shape.

As the new semester begins, make sure to take the necessary steps to be more organized and to keep from falling behind this semester.

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