MacArthur Drama Time

The drama department is putting on a production of J.B., in the black box theatre, Jan. 13-16 at 7 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Jan. 17. Tickets cost $7 per entry.

“The theme of the play is a circus theme,” senior Nicolas Guerrero said. “We’re playing it sort of like a show within a play. There are actors and there are real live people, and then there are the Gods. You will be able to tell which is which when you watch the show. It is really cool.”

J.B. is about a wealthy banker who believes that he is lucky to have been blessed by God, but his wife, Sarah, believes otherwise. Throughout this play they will be put to the test, to keep their obligations to God, and if they fail to do so, they can lose everything.

“Preparation is going really good, and we got the set done really fast,” junior Ricardo Guzman said. “With some shows it takes awhile, but we’re doing really well. We’re finishing our tech right now and we’re doing pretty good for other shows.”

This play offers some the chance to experience things they have never experienced.

“This is the first play, here at Macarthur, that I’ve ever been [lead] in,” Guerrero said.

Despite the variety in experience, they are all ready to work together for the production.

“ It means alot to me,” Guzman said. “My first show at Mac was in a black box. So being in a black box show again is really fun.”

Not only does this play impact the actors, but also the rest of the staff.

“[This is the] first production that I [have] ever stage managed,” junior Sophia Pollock said. “I’ve learned so much just about theatre and technical theatre, and what it is to put on a show. So this was a huge stepping stone for my own personal theatre career.”

All of the hard work and effort put in has brought the students closer together.

“We’re almost like family,” Guerrero said. “We’ve spent so much time with each other. It’s almost getting to the point we’re getting sick of each other. But that will never happen.”

The students are excited to perform this piece, as well as to share their hard work with other students.

“I love it,” Pollock said. “I love this production. It has the perfect combination of everything that makes a good production. It has a lot of humor in it, tragedy. It’s a great show.”


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