Break in shuts down vending machines

Photo by Jasmine Martinez
Photo by Jasmine Martinez

All school vending machines were shut down Thursday after a break in at the school Wednesday night. Two males with bolt cutters and another electrical tool came on to campus and vandalized all of the vending machines in the courtyard, stealing all cash and some food products.

“It’s an ongoing investigation right now,” Assistant Principal Ben Peterson said. “It just started this morning.”

Camera footage has not helped much in the case as no lights are on in the courtyard at night. Also, there are no alarms in the courtyard, according to Officer David Palomo.

“They were covered, hoods, masks,” Officer Palomo said. “We recovered some property, locks, chains, stuff like that, hopefully we get fingerprints off of it.”

Recent break ins at other campuses also involved vending machines, and this investigation could last until tomorrow, two weeks or two months from now, Officer David Palomo said.

At six a.m. this morning, a custodian discovered that all vending machines were shattered and broken. Police were called onto campus and immediately began an investigation.

“The North East Police Department will be handling that investigation,” Mr. Peterson said. “They’ll get caught.”

Until the investigation is complete, all vending machines will be out of order.


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