MacArthur’s Birthday

Student Council cut cakes during lunch for MacArthur’s Birthday. Photo by: Julia Rash


Student Council celebrated both General MacArthur’s and students’ birthdays on Friday, January 23 by handing out cake to students in the courtyard during lunch, and putting up small paper cut out with students’ names and birthdays in the cafeteria.

“It’s a tradition that been at MacArthur for years so it feels great to continue the tradition.” Student Council President and senior Esmeralda Loza said. “No other school does it, so I think its kinda cool and different.”

Student Council only had about a week and a half to prepare for the event, and all members had to work their lunches to hand out small pieces of cake.

“Student Council members take home the die-cuts and write the names and the dates and that takes about three days.” Junior Cindy Estrella said. “And the day before, we frost all the cakes”

Student Council members make about 2 cakes each, and over all there is a total of 50 cakes.

“This is my second year celebrating MacArthur’s birthday.” Estrella said. “Last year we couldn’t celebrate MacArthur’s birthday as good as we would have liked it.”

Students retrieve die-cuts with their names and birthdays from a cafeteria window. Photo by: Julia Rash


Last year, Student Council could not put up the die-cuts due to poor weather conditions, however the problem was resolved this year by putting up the die-cuts in the cafeteria.

“I think it will turn out good because of the fact that it’s on a Friday and people actually remember.” Loza said. “Plus it’s free cake.”

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