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In an effort to fulfill their eagle scout project, seniors Nicolas and Seth Guerrero have decided to work together and compete in the Silver and Black Give Back Challenge sponsored by the San Antonio Rampage and the San Antonio Spurs.

The JROTC Cadets have teamed up with Churchill as well as other schools in the district. They are planning on building a multi-purpose training facility that will be used by boy scouts, JROTC, and the community.

“My brother and I have conscripted the help of our boy scout troop, troop 145,” Seth said

Nick and Seth need all the help they can get because the prize for the winner is $20,000. It’s hard to get money to pay for materials so because of some outside help they have been able to start their projects.

“So far we’ve been pretty successful with getting donations or things paid for by the district,” Seth said.”But, if we win, we have the potential of getting $20,000.”

With the help of Churchill, the Cadets have had a good time building their courses. From borrowing equipment to just talking, the normally rival schools have partnered up for a common good.

“Even though we’re complete strangers from one another, once we get working, it’s surprising to see how much we can get done, regardless of our past,” Nick said.

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