Teens for Jeans

Jeans on teens. Photo by Hallie Colbert


In high school, our bodies go through so many changes that our clothes that we buy one year might not fit the next. Shirts can rip and socks can lose their pairs, but jeans keep their durability even if we outgrow them. Instead of giving all of your old, too small and too big jeans to a thrift store, bring them to Mac instead! Student Council is hosting Aeropostal’s Teens for Jeans charity to collect unwanted jeans from the students of MacArthur in order to help those less fortunate.

This drive is a bonus for everybody involved. Many of us hold onto old clothes after we outgrow them and lose track of what lies in the darkest depths of our closets. Students can take this opportunity clean out their wardrobes while knowing that their donations are going to help others. The donated jeans collected by the drive will be sent from our school to Aeropostal where they will then be distributed to teenagers around the world who cannot afford basic clothing. The drive will end on February 13th, so all last minute donations will need to be turned in to room A213 or the library by the end of the week in order to be collected.

“People should donate because it’s for a good cause,” senior Stuco member Alexus De La Cruz said. “It’s not just about the grand prizes, it’s about putting one step forward the changing somebody’s life. Even if you never meet them you will change their life.”

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