13 Best and Worst Gifts for Valentines Day

With red hearts and diapered, winged babies literally hanging in the air, taking the time to find something perfect for your honey is incredibly important.

Photo by Etsy home page.
Photo by Etsy home page.

Here are some of the best and worst gifts to give your significant other this year:

1. Teddy Bear

Just because there is a wal-mart right next to school and a CVS down the street doesn’t mean you should be lazy and spend a whole whopping 50 cents on your love interest.

2. 99 Cent Box of Chocolate

Sometimes a plastic covered child sized shoe box doesn’t fully express the right amount of interest in that specific person.

3. Fake Roses

Sure, those flimsy wax roses you get when you buy a bag of M&Ms at CVS can be a good fill in for a different gift later on; however, they get dusty and flat as time goes by. Maybe buy an actual rose, next time.

4. A Whole Bag of Piñata Candy

It’s cheap, it’s tasty, and it will totally get you in trouble with your human of interest if you buy this. Seriously, do yourself a favor, don’t

5. A Re-Gift from your Great Aunt Gertrude

If the gift is obviously not from you, don’t give it to someone who knows your style. Re-gift to someone more gullible- like your 3rd period calculous teacher. Something like that.

6. Balloons

What exactly would you do with 3 helium balloons following you around all the time. Not to mention they bump into people’s faces as you’re walking down or up the stairs. Anyway, they last for maybe 2 weeks or so, try and make your gift a bit more personal.

And now for the good stuff

7. A Homemade Gift

Making a tiny pot for flowers or painting on a canvas could be a perfect option for you. With homemade gifts people can sense how much you put into it- and how much you really care

8. Dinner Reservations

Reservations and walking into a P.F. Changs is totally different. With pre-planned days it’ll make your special someone quite happy to do. Especially if you two have never done that before.

9. Jewelry

Usually this is the signature move to making a person happy on this holiday. It’ll show them just the right amount of thought and compassion you put into the thought process of finding the best gift.

10. A Whataburger Gift Card

You shouldn’t need an explanation to get this for someone.

Whataburger is the bomb.

11. New Headphones

With new head phones comes great responsibility. Everyone breaks a couple every once and awhile, but that won’t stop you from wanting to buy a new set for your significant other.

12. An Inside Joke Gift

Everyone loves when you’re able to share a special knowing with someone or a cute memory with a specific person. Getting a gift that accents you’ve remembered such a thing gives you points for “Best Boy/Girl Friend of the Year”, but they will also get points for being your significant other. It’s a win/win situation.

13. A Planned Puppy Day

People like puppies. People like not having responsibility. What do you get when you put those two things together? A planned puppy day. Set up a date at a shelter where you can care for the puppies and all other kinds of animals there. It’ll sure be special and definitely not a memory you’d soon be forgetting.

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