Miriam leaves Mac


Miriam showing off her party hat. Photo by: Justin Wood
Miriam showing off her party hat. Photo by: Justin Wood

Change is something everyone has to face in their lives at least once. Some fear the unknown, but others look forward to the future with a sense of excitement and optimism. For custodian Mrs. Miriam Navarro the change she is facing comes in the shape of retirement after working 6 years for this school.

” I’m sixty two years [old],” Mrs. Miriam said. ” It’s time I [get] my Social Security and [spend time] with my family and grandchildren. That’s so important to me.”

The impression Mrs. Miriam has left on the faculty is one that will last long after she has left these buildings. Staff members all have different memories involving Miriam, but the one thing that stands out is the positive attitude she always seems to have.

“First thing that comes to mind [when I think] about her is how cheery she is all the time,” teacher Mr. Richard Hodge said. “She always has a smile on her face. I will miss her smile, and the fact that she really keeps our 3rd floor area neat and tidy.”

Positivity is just one of the many traits that will be missed by those whose lives Miriam has touched.

“[Miriam] comes into work so happy and cheerful,” teacher Ms. Rebecca Cantu said. “[She] is such a thoughtful person, and she is part of [the] family on the CD [wing] 3rd floor. She participates in all of our holiday events. She [even] made me a delicious cake for my birthday.”

The teachers are not the only ones who benefit from Miriam’s thoughtfulness. She is known for her connections with the students, and the personal interest she takes in their lives.

“She always asks after my Folklorico girls since she cleans the Senior Dining Room where we practice,” teacher and Folklorico coach Ms. Teresa Reyna said. “She’s always been so supportive of Mac kids and so determined to do good work.”

The extent of Miriam’s contribution to students lives is made evident by the comments students make to her in conversation.

“The students love me,” Mrs. Miriam said. ” I remember one day a student [told] me ‘Miss, I’m [going] to play the [lottery], and when I [win], I will give some money to you’.”

Every life touched by Miriam does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by her.

“I’m lucky,” Mrs. Miriam said. “I’m lucky because I have too many friends here.”

The custodian who now must step up or come in to take Miriam’s place will not do so with the ease they might experience starting at another school.

“Whoever comes in will have big shoes to fill,” Ms. Cantu said.

Students gathering around Miriam to show their love. Photo by: Justin Wood
Students gathering around Miriam to show their love. Photo by Justin Wood
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