Starlight dinner: a night to remember

Senior years is about deadlines for college, thinking about the future, and preparing for graduation. With the year coming to a close it is not very common for seniors to have a night to relax and converse with friends. This coming Thursday, Feb. 26, from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m., seniors will have the chance to experience just that.

“It is a night to honor the seniors,” seniors class advisor Mrs. Nicole Preas said.  “And to celebrate the four years that they have had here with their parents, and just enjoy a nice evening together.”

The event is for seniors and guests of their choosing to enjoy the company of their classmates and find out what the senior gift will be.

“[They can] bring whoever they want. I know some students are coming by themselves, [while] others are bringing their family,” senior class advisor Ms. Amanda Stark said. “So it is really about everyone who has supported you to where you are.”

Spending time with parents and friends is one of the focuses of the dinner.

“I don’t think that we get to many opportunities to sit down with our parents and just kind of reflect on how we got where we are,” Mrs. Preas said. “I think it [is] just a great night to honor our parents and honor ourselves as well.”

More info for the Starlight dinner. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez
More info for the Starlight dinner. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez

The traditional seniors slideshow with baby pictures is not going to be the only attraction at the dinner this year. There will be a photo booth to give people attending the chance to look back on the nights’ memories for years to come.


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