Texas State Trip

Photo by: aupairinamerica.com
Photo by: aupairinamerica.com

College application deadlines are approaching, and seniors need to decide soon on a school to attend for the 2015-2016 school year next year. In order to help seniors make this pressing decision, college advisor Ms. Samantha Vogel took students, who signed up for Texas State, to the cmpus in San Marcus. This trip gave students a chance to explore more college opportunities.

“Texas State has always been at the top of my list,” senior Samantha Madrigal said. “[The tour made] me want to go there even more than before.”

The location of the college also made students realize how convenient the distance is if they do not want to travel for school.

“I don’t want to go out of town for college,” senior Evelynn Espita said. “San Marcus isn’t to far, so [Texas State] is one of my options.”

Learning about what the school had to offer and how much students have to pay, gave those interested more insight into what requirements the school has.

“Texas State has a great rate for those who want to become teachers,” Madrigal said. “[That] is great for me because that is what I want to do.”

Even if students do not plan on heading straight to college after high school, the information from this trip was not wasted on them.

“I’m not going [to college] this coming fall,” Madrigal said. “I wanted to see the campus for the following year.”


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