Basura palooza

Clean up time. Featuring Jacob Martinez. Photo by: Jacob Dukes.
Clean up time. Featuring Jacob Martinez. Photo by: Jacob Dukes.

Driving around town it’s common to see trash littering the streets. This trash travels around town, and some ends up in parks like Tobin Park. NHS helped clean up this trash Saturday, Feb. 21, through a program known as Basura Bash.

“[Basura Bash is a] city wide program,” NHS director Kelly Williams said. “This is our fourth year [helping clean up], [and] I really enjoyed it.”

The experience gives students the opportunity to learn where the trash laying around really ends up.

“I’ve learned that a lot of trash ends up in [creeks] from flooding and just getting washed up [off the streets],”senior Nicole Aytes said. “[The trash] is really bad.”

Finishing this project did not just leave student with physical pains, but also with a more in depth knowledge about how people can effect the environment with simple actions.

“Seeing how much trash is thrown out the window by multiple people at the same time, becomes one large mass of trash, this project will help students understand the effect we all have on the earth,” senior Marissa Vargas said. “And maybe [now, people will] take the little extra effort to do their part to keep it clean so everyone can enjoy it longer.”


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