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Photo of Sunset Station taken from Google images
Photo of Sunset Station taken from Google images

As spring rounds the corner, seniors are getting more and more anxious about the end of the year. Some worry about finals and scholarship deadlines, but others are looking forward to the senior events that take place during the last semester. The most popular event among the senior class is prom, and although little information has been released about it up until now, prom tickets will be sold tomorrow.

This year’s prom theme is “When The Clock Strikes Midnight”, featuring a ballroom style ambience and will be held at Sunset Station downtown. Ticket sales will start this Friday, Feb. 27 at $35 per ticket, continue through March 3-4 at $37, and March 16-20 at $40. Sales are hosted by the junior class battalion and will take place in the courtyard during all three lunches.  Aside from the price of tickets, themed t-shirts will be sold as well. With prom being held on March 21, students are beginning to get excited.

“I love prom because it’s a night where you get to look fantastic, have a nice dinner, hang with your friends and dance all night long,” senior Chris Hale said. “I’m very excited for this year because I don’t know what to expect. Having different people in charge each year means that it’s never exactly the same, but I know that no matter where the venue is, what the decorations look like or even what the music is like, I know it’ll truly be a night to remember.”

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